Social Pledge

At Hoptonic Tea, one of our core values is regenerative agriculture, in keeping with that core value, we work with farmers who practice sustainable farming. Some of our partners are: 


Lastly, we have made a pledge to donate  1% of sales to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment. 

Sampler Tea Pack

Sampler Tea Pack

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Introducing the Sampler Tea Pack: a pack of 12 teas that'll get your taste buds (and your inner mixologist!) bubbling with joy! Experience delicious flavor combinations like Sparkling Jasmine Green Tea, and Sparkling Black Earl Grey Tea, all containing zero sugar. So go ahead and take a sip, 'cause this sober curious treat is sure to hit the spot!⁣

Each case contains 12 cans, 2 cans of each of the following flavors:⁣
Sparkling Jasmine Green Tea⁣
Sparkling Black Earl Grey Tea⁣
Sparkling Chamomile Lavender Tea⁣
Sparkling White Orchid Tea⁣
Sparkling Lemongrass Jasmine Tea⁣
Sparkling Mint Lavender Tea.